Apollo Global Change: A Shift Towards a Balanced Workplace

Apollo Global Change: A Shift Towards a Balanced Workplace

In the dynamic sector of finance, Apollo Global has not only established itself as a financial powerhouse but has also embarked on a transformational journey with a commitment to foster a more inclusive and balanced workplace.

Recruitment Milestones

In a recent investor call, CFO Martin Kelly touted an important milestone for Apollo – hiring 350 individuals last year, which represents a notable increase of 9%. The strategic distribution of these new appointments divided between North America, Europe and Mumbai reflects Apollo’s well-considered approach. Looking ahead, Kelly outlined the company’s targeted hiring plans for 2024, with a particular focus on Mumbai and exploring new growth avenues.

Apollo Global Change: A Shift Towards a Balanced Workplace

Apollo Global Overview

Company NameApollo Global Management, Inc.
TypePrivate Equity Firm
DescriptionAn American private equity firm specializing in investment management across credit, private equity, and real assets.
Stock PriceAPO (NYSE) $108.88 -1.05 (-0.96%) – As of 12 Feb, 4:00 pm GMT-5 (Disclaimer)
SubsidiariesYahoo, Athene Holding, ADT, Ingenico, MORE
Assets Under Management (AUM)$51,280 crores USD (As of March 31, 2022)
FoundersMarc Rowan, Leon Black, Josh Harris, Antony Ressler
PresidentsJames C. Zelter, Scott M. Kleinman
HeadquartersNew York, New York, United States
Number of Employees2,540 (2022)
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Leadership Insight

CEO Mark Rowan echoed Kelly’s sentiments during the investor call, emphasizing Apollo’s impressive 14x growth since 2008. Rowan’s commitment to growing originations, expanding high net worth coverage and exploring innovative products aligns with Apollo’s historical pattern of expansion.

Cultural Change at Apollo

Some time ago, Apollo faced criticism for its demanding work culture, which included long working hours and challenging conditions by juniors. However, the departure of co-founder Josh Harris in 2021 proved to be a turning point. Under Mark Rowan’s leadership, Apollo has undergone a cultural shift, transitioning to a more cerebral environment with less micromanagement and a greater focus on diversity.

Employee Experience

Although some accept Apollo’s change into a more sociable workplace, differing opinions remain. A young co-worker paints a picture of “crazy” hours and 80-hour work weeks, while a private equity head suggests that Apollo has become more attractive, and is attracting “ultra-nice, low-ego people.” Used to be. Used to be.

Apollo Recognition

Despite mixed reviews, Apollo Global is ranked fourth among the best private capital employers in our Ideal Employer report. However, questions arose about the real impact of the cultural change as it was considered less welfare-friendly than rival funds.

Lack of Response from Apollo

Faced with questioning about the change, Apollo remained silent, and the story remained open. The lack of response adds an element of intrigue about the company’s stance on internal dynamics and the evolution of its workplace culture.


In short, Apollo Global’s journey reflects a transformational shift towards a more balanced and inclusive workplace. From significant hiring growth to changes in leadership and cultural values, Apollo is facing challenges and successes. The diverse experiences of its employees underline the ongoing transformation, strengthening Apollo’s position as a dynamic player in the financial landscape.

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How has Apollo Global recruitment strategy evolved over the years?

Apollo has strategically grown its workforce with a focus on targeted hiring in key regions such as Mumbai.

What cultural changes have occurred at Apollo under Mark Rowan’s leadership?

The departure of co-founder Josh Harris proved to be a turning point, creating a more cerebral and diverse work environment.

How does Apollo’s accreditation compare to other private capital recruiters?

Apollo Global took fourth place in the Ideal Employers ranking, although concerns remain over welfare-friendly policies.

Is Apollo Global’s silence on cultural change intentional?

The lack of response from Apollo adds an element of mystery, leaving the company’s stance on internal dynamics open to speculation.

How does Apollo’s growth strategy fit with its historical patterns of expansion?

CEO Mark Rowan emphasized Apollo’s commitment to increasing originations, expanding high net worth coverage and exploring new products, consistent with Apollo’s historical growth patterns.

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